[Coral-List] Large coral collection digitized in multimedia

vassil zlatarski vzlatarski at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 10:56:27 EDT 2011

Dear Coral-Listers,

The importance of scientific specimen collections is
well-recognized, but there are no large recent collections of corals and the
old are not always accessible.  The Smithsonian
Institution Web site offers digitized access to its collections but only
for the Dana types.  The recent publication of a unique multimedia format
in CD with digitized pictures of 4,980 specimens is a significant step forward.
 It captures 83% of the scuba collection made four decade ago to a depth
of 70 m from 44 transects and 194 stations in Cuba.  The multimedia includes a history of the
collection, pictures of the research, video of the collection, dictionary,
taxonomic descriptions in Spanish and French, maps of distribution, coralla
photos and underwater pictures.  It is produced in Havanaby Acuario Nacional and Universidad de las Ciencias


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