[Coral-List] Coral reefs and remote sensing

Anders Knudby knudby at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:44:37 EDT 2011

Hi Laura, I'm surprised FLAASH didn't work for you, in my version (ENVI
4.4) there's a dedicated FLAASH setting for Quickbird as well as a generic
setting you could use for WorldView-2. But FLAASH is quite picky about the
input data it wants (radiance data, must be in BIP or BIL format, see
ENVI's help file), so maybe that's the problem? If all else fails you could
calculate radiance and reflectance manually for your image, and then use
the "Dark Subtract" utility also found in ENVI to correct for "atmospheric
effects". You could also try different software if you have access to it,
e.g. PCI Geomatica also has a MODTRAN-based atmospheric correction. It all
depends on how much effort you want to put into it, and what software you
have access to.

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> Hi everyone!
> I?m trying to estimate surface reflectance of Quickbird and WorldView-2
> images in a coral reefs scene. FLAASH module (MODTRAN4 radiative
> transference model) in ENVI didn?t work. Does anyone what can I do to
> correct atmospherics effects?  Any advice?
> Thank you in advance
> Regards,
> Laura

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