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I seem to remember that dragon flies are predators that eat mosquitoes.  They are also insects, so the insecticides surely kill them as well.  I wonder if in a test location away from people if the insecticide were stopped and large numbers of dragon flies were released, if the mosquitoes couldn't be controlled that way?  I have no idea whether mass dragonfly culture has been worked out.  Or maybe there is some other way.  Just removing standing fresh water where they can breed should help.      Cheers,  Doug

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Your right Gene, helicopters flying over the place spraying, small trucks with sprayers in the beds are spraying small streets, and even people are getting sprayed down here during fantasy fest, not with malathion though, naked people getting sprayed with body paint, some of them should keep their clothes on believe me, and the funny thing is Im still get bitten by mosquitoes daily when I walk my dogs,  maybe the buggers have developed an immunity, what is sad though when it rains, and you know what its like down here when it rains heavily, all that malathion and everything else gets washed right into the ocean via storm drains where it eventually reaches the reef tract,   are we as humans losing our minds or what?  When you here talk all the time about my grandkids not being able to see a living coral reef, something is wrong with that picture, when are we going to learn, when we finally destroy it all?    

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