[Coral-List] References for rubble traps in the Caribbean

Zachary Whitener zachary.whitener at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 19:01:26 EDT 2011

Good evening,

I am a masters student at the University of the Virgin Islands and will be
conducting my thesis research on the relative abundances of cryptic
invertebrates on Montastraea reefs near St Thomas, USVI.  I am currently
designing my experiment and intend to use rubble traps deployed for a few
months to acquire invertebrates.  I am trying to figure out the number of
replicates I need at each site and would like to do a power analysis with
previously published variances of reef invertebrates that I am likely to
encounter with this sort of sampling.  I have been having trouble finding
rubble trap literature from the Caribbean and invertebrate census data thus
am sending this email--do you have good references for me to help design my
study?  Thank you very much for your help.

Zach Whitener

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