[Coral-List] Announcing the 2nd Edition of the Indo Pacific Coral FInder

Russell Kelley russellkelley at mac.com
Thu Sep 1 16:43:13 EDT 2011

Dear Coral List

It is with great pleasure, and some exhaustion, that BYOGUIDES announces the launch of the 2nd Edition of the Indo Pacific Coral Finder.

The Indo Pacific Coral Finder is an easy-to-use and practical guide to coral genera that can be taken underwater.  Its visual design logic solves the vexing problem of coral growth form variation due to environment and requires no formal knowledge to use -  just a good eye for detail.  It is suitable for beginners and provides a rapid revision tool for more advanced users.  It can used both topside and underwater.

The 2nd edition is completely revised and improved based on a collaboration with the Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) who have trained over 300 people in coral identification workshops in Fiji, Australia and Sabah.  Coral Finder 2.0 includes over 200 new images and is now supported by a complete (free) 2 hour video training course.

Check it out at    www.byoguides.com


Russell Kelley
Author: Indo Pacific Coral Finder  
BYOGUIDES -  Be Your Own Guide
coralfinder at byoguides.com


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