[Coral-List] Request for Pre-Proposals, West Coast Deep Sea Corals

Tom Hourigan Tom.Hourigan at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 7 09:21:13 EDT 2011

Coral Listers:

Two NOAA programs, the West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research 
Center (NURP) and the Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program, 
are partnering to implement a deep-sea coral research initiative for the 
U.S. West Coast.

Pre-proposals are invited for research on deep-sea coral and sponge 
ecosystems off California, Oregon, and Washington state.  The purpose is 
to identify, understand, and provide information needed to protect 
deep-sea corals and sponges and the communities of organisms that depend 
upon them.  Details are provided in a 3-page pdf document, available 
online at http://www.westnurc.uaf.edu/dwnlds/West_Coast_DSC_RFP-Final.pdf.

Pre-proposals are due October 10, 2011.

Tom Hourigan

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