[Coral-List] ICRS Mini Symposium Beyond Monitoring -- Abstracts due Oct 1

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at reefcheck.org
Thu Sep 8 03:36:49 EDT 2011

Invitation to Contribute to the Mini-Symposium: 
"Beyond Monitoring: Does monitoring lead to improved coral reef management?"

at the International Coral Reef Symposium 2012, Cairns, Australia



September 9, 2011

Dear colleagues,


The upcoming International Coral Reef Symposium, 9 to 13 July 2012 in
Cairns, Australia, will include a mini-symposium entitled "Beyond
Monitoring: Does monitoring lead to improved coral reef management?"
organized by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), Reef Check
and the Global Socioeconomic Monitoring Initiative (SocMon). The purpose of
this mini-symposium is threefold: to present advances in reef monitoring-
including biophysical and socioeconomic monitoring; to provide a venue for
analyzing and discussing how monitoring findings can be used; and to share
information on the status and outlook of coral reefs around the world.  


We welcome oral as well as poster presentation submissions for this mini
symposium, focusing on four broad themes:

1)    What advances have been made in monitoring science?

2)    Are we monitoring the right things?

3)    Are we providing useful information to end-users?

4)    Does monitoring help stimulate and lead to successful conservation?

In addition, reports on the status of coral reefs and human communities
dependent on coral reefs will be welcome as posters.


Please note that for this ICRS, complete papers must be submitted in advance
- not just an abstract. To ensure a good program, we encourage you to
discuss your abstracts with us prior to the submission deadline 1 October
2011. We also request that draft full papers be submitted to us by 15
January 2012 so that sufficient time can be allowed for review and editing
prior to submission to ICRS by the Symposium deadline of March 1, 2012. 


Deadlines for 2012 ICRS:

July 1, 2011              Abstract submission opens 

October 1, 2011        Abstract submission closes

January 1, 2012       Draft full papers submitted to mini-symposium

March 1, 2012           Full papers submitted to ICRS after approval from


Travel grants are expected to be available for some categories of
participants. Please sign up at
&s=_1JC10YW6U to ensure you receive notifications. Please see
http://www.icrs2012.com/Registration.htm for important information on visas
and deadlines for early registration.


We anticipate many high quality abstracts so please get them to us early if
possible. We are happy to work with you on this and keep in mind that we
will also be using ICRS analyses to help prepare the GCRMN Global Coral Reef
Status and Outlook Report for launch in December 2012.


Sincerely yours,

ICRS MiniSymposium Co-Conveners


Gregor Hodgson, PhD        

Executive Director, Reef Check 

PO Box 1057, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 USA

Ghodgson at reefcheck. org                                    


Jerker Tamelander
Head, Coral Reef Unit
Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Branch
UNEP Division of Environmental Policy Implementation 
UN, Rajdamnern Nok Av., Bangkok 10200, Thailand 
Tel: +66 2 288 1099 Fax: +66 2 281 2428
email:  <mailto:tamelander at un.org> tamelander at un.org 


Christy Loper, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Global Socioeconomic Monitoring Initiative (SocMon)

NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration1305 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA 1-301-713-3155 x155

 <mailto:christy.loper at noaa.gov> christy.loper at noaa.gov



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