[Coral-List] ICRS Meeting Session 16D "Functional Roles of Microbes in Reef Ecosystems"

Cory J. Krediet ckrediet at ufl.edu
Thu Sep 8 09:47:39 EDT 2011


As you are thinking about submitting your abstract for the ICRS 2012, please consider submitting abstracts dealing with (1) cell-to-cell signaling within coral-associated microbiota, (2) nutrient and signal exchange within coral-associated microbial communities, (3) interactions of microorganisms with coral mucus, (4) the role of microbes in nutrient cycling in reef ecosystems, (5) all other novel, interesting, weird, exciting functions of microbes in reef ecosystems to the Session 16d Functional roles of microbes in reef ecosystems.

In your submission, please also indicate if you would be interested in sharing your discoveries in an oral presentation.  In oral presentations, we aim to highlight research of post-doctoral scientists and senior graduate students, as well as discoveries made by luminaries in the field.

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