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Call for Abstracts - 12th ICRS - October 1 deadline


Coral Reef Forensics: Identifying Cause-and-Effect Relationships and the
Effectiveness of Management Responses.


Mortality is a crude indicator of stress.  If human medicine depended on
death as the key diagnostic tool for identifying health issues, we wouldn't
need doctors or hospitals.  Coral reef assessment and monitoring programs
often use the loss of individuals or species as the key indicators of
change, without a clear understanding of cause-and-effect relationships,
especially when multiple stressors are acting together.  The purpose of this
session is to bring researchers, managers and interested policy types
together to examine the new and emerging technologies, including protein and
genetic analyses, to address coral reef decline in a more forensic,
diagnostic and responsive manner.  Up and down regulation of key proteins
can be used to identify specific types of stress at sublethal levels, when
management intervention has the greatest chance of yielding positive
results.  Likewise understanding patterns of genotypic diversity within
populations can be used to diagnose subtle changes that can lead to
population declines and local extinction events.  These tools also offer a
means for tracking the effectiveness of mitigation efforts over realistic
periods of time. We encourage individuals interested in both the techniques
and their applications to submit abstracts and participate in this session:
Mini Symposium 5C


5. Technologies for coral reef science

5C Genomics and proteomics as tools for detecting sub-lethal stress 





Robert Richmond, Kewalo Marine Laboratory, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Cheryl Woodley, Coral Health and Disease Program, Hollings Marine
Laboratory, NOAA

Craig Downs, Haereticus Environmental Laboratory


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.


Bob Richmond

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and if you haven't yet become a member of the International Coral Reef
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