[Coral-List] 12th ICRS mini-symposium 6C-Coral Physiology and Energetics under Natural and Stressful Environmental Conditions

Andrea Grottoli grottoli.1 at osu.edu
Sun Sep 11 22:49:33 EDT 2011

   Dear Colleagues:
   Please consider submitting an abstract to our session 6C-Coral physiology
   and energetics under natural and stressful environmental conditions at the
   12th  ICRS.   Abstracts  can  be  submitted  until  1  October 2011 at
   [1]http://www.icrs2012.com/.  Details about the session are below.  If you
   have  any  questions,  feel  free to contact any of the session chairs
   directly.  Sincerely, Andrea
   6C-Coral physiology and energetics under natural and stressful environmental
   (part of the Mini-Symposium on Physiology and Functional Biology)
   Session chairs: Christine Ferrier-Pages (ferrier at centrescientifique.mc),
   Andrea G. Grottoli (grottoli.1 at osu.edu), Stephen Levas (levas.1 at osu.edu).
   Symbiotic corals are usually considered to be photoautotrophs due to their
   symbiosis with dinoflagellates that transfer photosynthetically fixed carbon
   to  their host. However, heterotrophy is also important and can play a
   central role in maintaining physiological functions when autotrophy is
   reduced. This session aims to understand the following questions: 1- How is
   phototrophically  and  heterotrophically acquired energy allocated and
   utilized  for reproduction, symbiont tissue, host tissue, and skeletal
   growth? 2- How does such acquisition, allocation, and utilization vary among
   species? And 3- How do the effects of environmental change (i.e., elevated
   temperature and/or ocean acidification and/or nitrification) on coral host
   and  algal  physiology further complicate matters? This mini-symposium
   proposes  to  address  the above questions in tropical, temperate, and
   cold-water  anthozoans  in  their  natural  habitat or under stressful

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   1. http://www.icrs2012.com/
   2. http://www.earthsciences.osu.edu/~grottoli.1/
   3. http://www.twitter.com/CoralResearch
   4. http://www.earthsciences.osu.edu/~grottoli.1/SIB_Lab.html
   5. http://www.earthsciences.osu.edu/seminars.php

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