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David Obura dobura at cordioea.org
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Hi Dave

- your request for pictures of a "wide angle view of a diseased reef" - perhaps some photos of the 'black reefs' in the current thread on coral list might show this better than photos of 'standard' coral diseases, in which there may be diseased corals but most of the view would likely include healthy corals, or other organisms, such as algae! I think Forest Rohwer's group will have the most comprehensive collection of images at this point.


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> Hi,
> I am putting together a lecture for school kids on coral issues. I am
> looking for pictures showing a wide angle view of a diseased reef. I have
> lots of close ups of specific diseases on one coral head, but nothing to
> show the wide devastation or a dull reef.
> Also if anyone has pics of reefs before the 1990s showing vibrant reefs,
> that would be appreciated too. So I can show a then and now.
> I am not making a dime for the lectures and I would be glad to acknowledge
> the sender.
> Dave Kest. DVM

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