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Hi Sarah, 

I'm the diving safety officer at my university and I recently had a diver who broke his wrist. I sought the opinion of the doctor who does the diving medicals for my divers. This is what he said: 

"The fracture itself doesn't affect his risk for any decompression illness. However the swelling, altered bloodflow and immobility around the joint can increase the risk of DCI. Therefore DAN advises against diving with an acute fracture. Furthermore, any pain, itching, numbness or loss of function can be confused with signs of DCI and make evaluation difficult. Any motion at the fracture site can delay or even prevent healing. If a fracture doesn't heal right away, then it can become highly problematic. It is called a non-union and can only heal with surgery and a bone graft. The cast (even if it is waterproof) is not designed to be taken to depth and with the pressure, may become looser underwater, allowing more movement and increasing the risk of fracture non-union. There is also a theoretical risk that there would be increased bubbling right at the fracture site further interfering with fracture healing. He needs to get the cast off as soon as the orthopedic surgeon thinks is safe, and then he should be good to go, if he takes care with it." 

So, in a nutshell, not a good idea. 




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Dear coral-listers,this is not a coral reef question, but due to the extensive diving experience in this list.... 
Does anyone have experience SCUBA diving with a broken arm or broken leg? Any major concerns? 

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