[Coral-List] Reminder - ICRS 2012 Mini Symposium 1a

Gilbert Camoin camoin at cerege.fr
Tue Sep 13 04:57:59 EDT 2011

12th ICRS – Call for papers
Cairns, Queensland, Australia July 9-13th, 2012

		Theme: Reefs through time
	Mini Symposia: MS1a 
	Title: Reef response to sea-level and environmental changes : reading the past, informing the future

		Convenors: Gilbert Camoin, Jody Webster
Coral reefs are valuable recorders of past sea level, climatic and environmental changes and are sensitive to subtle ecological changes affecting their environment. However, our knowledge regarding the reef responses to those changes is still fragmentary despite the recent advances (e.g. IODP expeditions 310 and 325). The aims of the proposed mini-symposium concern the evaluation of the impact of rapid sea-level fluctuations (sea-level rise or sea-level fall) and coeval abrupt climatic and environmental changes (temperatures, salinities, nutrient concentrations etc.) on the architecture of reef systems and the composition of reef communities. A special attention will concern the characterization of thresholds in reef development patterns (“turn-on” vs “turn-off” phases of the carbonate factories) and in changes affecting reef communities. The past records of reef responses to sea-level, climatic and environmental changes will help to better understand how the coral reefs are likely to respond to current and future global changes.

		The abstract submission will close on 1 October 2011. 

		The full list of ICRS 2012 Themes and Mini-Symposia are now available on the ICRS 2012 conference website (www.icrs2012.com<http://www.icrs2012.com/>).

		Gilbert Camoin and Jody Webster

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ICRS 2012 Session : Reef response to sea-level and environmental changes 

IGC 2012 Symposium : Reefs and Climate Change

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