[Coral-List] ICRS Mini-symposium on reef cyanobacteria

Laurie Richardson richardl at fiu.edu
Tue Sep 13 12:45:38 EDT 2011

Hi all - I'm sure everyone knows abstracts for the 2012 ICRS are due October 1st via their webwsite  ( <http://www.icrs2012.com> www.icrs2012.com<http://www.icrs2012.com>).  This is a reminder about the session on reef cyanobacteria (session 15C):

Physiology and Ecology of Cyanobacteria on Coral Reefs

This mini-symposium will explore the various roles that cyanobacteria play in coral reef ecosytems. Cyanobacteria, for example, form many symbiotic associations with different coral reef invertebrates. They are present as planktonic populations, where they are believed to be the main source of fixed nitrogen to tropical and sub-tropical reef habitats.  They are present as benthic mats, including pathogenic mat communities that kill corals. They are known to be present in the skeletons of living coral, where their role is largely speculative.  Cyanobacteria as a group are metabolically flexible and produce a wide variety of extracellular compounds such as toxins and antimicrobial agents.  Presentations in this symposium will include studies of cyanobacteria associated with coral diseases and their roles in disease ecology; studies of free-living and symbiotic nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria and their contributions to reef ecology; and studies of cyanobacterial secondary metabolites and their effects on coral reef organisms.

Hope to see you there~  Laurie

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