[Coral-List] "Trade in coral reef species" (19C) - ICRS mini-symposium reminder!

Cara Cooper ccooper at edf.org
Tue Sep 13 16:11:27 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

Just a reminder that we are inviting abstracts that address the impacts and management of the trade in coral reef species for a variety of industries for the "Trade in coral reef wildlife" mini-symposium (19C), under the "Human impacts on coral reefs" theme at the 12th ICRS in Cairns, Australia, July 9-13, 2012.

*The call for abstracts closes on October 1, 2011.*

Please visit  www.icrs2012.com to submit your abstract and to review submission guidelines.

 - Mini-symposium information -
Title: Trade in coral reef wildlife: Ecological and socioeconomic impacts, challenges, and new management approaches.

Abstract: The global extraction of coral-reef organisms is fueled by increasing demand for wildlife from the aquarium, jewelry, curio, pharmaceutical, live reef food fish, research supply, and traditional medicine trades. Although the full extent of this industry remains unknown, greater than 30 million reef fishes, 1.5 million corals, and 1.5 million pounds of live rock, as well as countless reef-dwelling invertebrates, are removed annually from coral reefs across the world. The spreading trade in coral-reef wildlife represents a growing and pervasive industry with potentially lasting impacts.. This multi-disciplinary mini-symposium welcomes papers that address the following aspects of the trade:

1. What are the costs versus benefits of the coral reef wildlife trade to local communities and reefs (both socio-economic and ecological)?
2. What are the challenges to improving regulation, management, and accountability of this industry?
3. What are the success stories for effectively managing this trade?
4. What new policy solutions and management approaches are available to address this trade?

Conveners: Cara Cooper, Brian Tissot, Daniel Thornhill

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