[Coral-List] ICRS mini-symposium 8C on Coral Calcification and Accretion

Ilsa B Kuffner ikuffner at usgs.gov
Fri Sep 16 09:23:20 EDT 2011

To our esteemed colleagues:
If your work involves investigating *Environmental and Biogeochemical 
Controls of Marine Calcification and Coral Reef Accretion* we want your 
abstract in our session! This mini-symposium is in the Ocean Acidification 
Abstract for mini-symposium 8C on Coral Calcification and Accretion:
This mini-symposium will focus on the process of calcification in the 
ocean.  We invite talks on any aspect of control over calcification, 
including biogenic and non-biogenic, and over any temporal or spatial 
scale.  The variables influencing calcification of coral reef organisms 
and associated biota are of particular interest, especially when presented 
with direct observations from the field, using manipulative experiments, 
or involving paleoinvestigation, particularly during the Holocene.  Coral 
growth and reef accretion in the context of ocean acidification, warming 
temperatures, and changing water quality or light regime are of special 
importance.  We seek talks demonstrating the natural variability of 
calcification rates due to drivers like temperature, light, latitude, 
season, nutrients, nutrition, and seawater calcium-carbonate chemistry. 
The role of biogeochemical and/or ecosystem feedback mechanisms as 
controls of calcification would also be desirable.
Ilsa B. Kuffner, US Geological Survey, ikuffner at usgs.gov
Andreas J. Andersson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 
aandersson at ucsd.edu
Nick R. Bates, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, nick.bates at bios.edu

Please submit your abstract on the ICRS website by 1 October:

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