[Coral-List] ICRS2012 Mini-symposium 4c Coral reef response to multiple stresses

Hajime Kayanne kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Sep 21 23:45:10 EDT 2011

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4c "Coral reef response to multiple stresses: from organism to ecosystem levels in Southeast Asia and Pacific"

Organizers: Michio Hidaka (Univ. Ryukyus, Japan), Hajime Kayanne (Univ. Tokyo, Japan), Allen Chen (Academia Sinica, ROC), Jih-Terng Wang (Tajen Univ., ROC)

To construct a model of reef response to multiple stresses, we need to fill the gap between organism level response and ecosystem response. In this session, we aim to integrate approaches from coral physiology, monitoring of community response, and modeling of present and past reefs.
(1) Generally diverse genes in various categories respond to stresses in corals. This emphasizes the importance of physiological analyses on key processes of coral stress response at cellular level. Quantitative analyses on coral stress response using universal and/or stress-specific markers may contribute to develop a model of coral stress response, which is useful for the construction of reef response model. (2) Community and reef scale responses to multiple stresses obtained by field observation and experiments should be explained by the key physiological processes. By combining (1) and (2) we explore the way to integrate coral internal model into ecosystem model.
Target area is the Southeast Asia and the Pacific, where coral reefs are strongly impacted by increasing anthropogenic stresses.

Hajime Kayanne
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
University of Tokyo

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