[Coral-List] Dive into Solution Search: Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries

Kate Mannle kmannle at rareconservation.org
Wed Sep 21 15:29:39 EDT 2011

Dear Colleague, 

With the launch of Rare's first Solution Search - Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries - Rare and National Geographic are sponsoring a contest to find proven innovations in near-shore fisheries. 

Do you have a solution to help protect coastal biodiversity and improve the productivity and sustainability of local fisheries? Do you know someone who does?

The first place solution will win a US $20,000 project grant and will be featured in a video on National Geographic's Ocean <http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/> website. By entering Solution Search, contestants are joining a global community of innovators and ambassadors for marine conservation.

Share this Solution Search with your network and invite them to submit their entries at http://www.solutionsearch.org
Here's how:

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#SolutionSearch @RarePlanet and @NatGeo launch contest to search for community-based coastal fisheries solutions! http://ow.ly/6tdJW 

Post the following message on your Facebook wall:
Rare and National Geographic have partnered to launch the first ever Solution Search! We are casting a wide net to find community-based solutions for near-shore fisheries based on proven successes. Could yours win a $20,000 project grant? Entry deadline: October 31 Visit www.solutionsearch.org 

Examples of solutions might include, but are not limited to, the areas of:

*	No-take zones, marine protected areas, TURF (territorial user rights in fisheries) reserves
*	Fishing gear, catch shares, fishing licenses
*	Monitoring of catch compositions, data collection and analysis
*	Eradicating destructive fishing techniques
*	Community enforcement and natural resource management
*	Creation of social and capital resilience, development of alternative livelihoods
*	Regulation of curio and aquarium trades
*	Biodiversity protection
*	Reduction of terrestrial threats, such as road construction and local agriculture
*	Other innovative ways of managing local fisheries

Important Dates
Solution Search Launch	September 8, 2011
Entry Deadline	October 31, 2011
Public Voting Opens	November 16, 2011
Public Voting Closes	December 25, 2011
Winners Announced	January 6, 2012

Entries will go through a three-tiered judging process and finalists will be announced to the public to vote for the winner.  All applications will be judged based on their innovation, biodiversity impact, impact on human wellbeing and livelihoods, sustainability and resilience, replicability, and governance.

To find out more about Rare, visit us at our website, www.rareconservation.org

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Durcik at adurcik at rareconservation.org or +1 703-522-5070.

We look forward to learning about your solution!

Follow Solution Search!

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