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Jan Eber jeber at TNC.ORG
Thu Sep 22 13:31:28 EDT 2011

Work for The Nature Conservancy as the Palmyra Program Director.


The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working
globally to protect ecologically important lands and waters for people
and nature.  Located 1,000 miles south of Hawai'i and an untold distance
from civilization, Palmyra Atoll is one of the most spectacular marine
wilderness areas on Earth.  Palmyra is a 680-acre atoll with 480,000
acres of lagoons, coral reefs, and submerged lands.  Palmyra is a US
Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Refuge out to 12 miles and a Marine
National Monument out to 50 miles. The Nature Conservancy owns Cooper
Island, and manages the atoll in partnership with the USFWS and the
Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium (PARC).


The Palmyra Program Director will be responsible for the oversight,
management, strategic planning, and implementation of a conservation,
fundraising, and agency relations program that secures the human,
financial, and political resources needed to support the Palmyra project
and other TNC priorities, including the Hawaii and Pacific programs.
Work includes strategic leadership and fundraising as well as
application of various conservation tools, including planning for and
management of marine and terrestrial resources.  This position requires
the ability to work with and influence others in leadership positions
both within and outside of the Conservancy, including TNC local,
regional and national staff; Conservancy leadership; members of local
and national Boards of Trustees; high level donors; government agencies;
researchers; and leaders of research institutions.  The Palmyra Program
Director is responsible for program funding and budget administration.
S/he will report to the Marine Program Director and will supervise
staff, interns, and volunteers.

To apply please complete an online application at www.nature.org/careers
and upload a resume and cover letter by October 7, 2011.  Cover letter
must outline how you meet the 4 basic qualifications listed.  


Primary job responsibilities include:

1) Fundraising:  

*         Develop and implement major gift fundraising program for

a.       Annually raise all funds necessary for TNC Palmyra program.    

b.      Raise funds for long-term Palmyra management and operational
priorities and, through Palmyra, for Hawaii and TNC-wide marine or other
related initiatives.

*         Plan, organize and execute a minimum of 3-4 major donor trips
to Palmyra per year.

*         Engage Palmyra donors in Hawaii conservation projects and
other TNC conservation priorities.


2) Agency Relations:  

*         Coordinate TNC's relationship at Palmyra with U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service (USFWS), including managing TNC's Preserve in close
coordination with USFWS's Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and
NOAA's Marine National Monument.  

*         Develop effective partnership with NOAA.

*         Develop and manage TNC relationship with the Palmyra Atoll
Research Consortium (PARC). 

*         Develop and coordinate with USFWS appropriate recreational
uses for TNC and other visitors.

*         Coordinate TNC access and management needs with USFWS and
PARC, including use of plane, fuel, boats, food, staffing, scheduling,


3) Conservation Programs:  

*         Direct TNC's on-the-ground conservation program at Palmyra.
Develop and implement Palmyra conservation plan for TNC.  Set priorities
and implement critical terrestrial and marine management actions with
Hawai'i science and conservation staff, including rat control, pisonia
forest restoration, invasive species prevention and control, lagoon
restoration, and marine monitoring.  

*         Coordinate with USFWS and NOAA on related terrestrial and
marine conservation management on USFWS lands (outlying islets) and
marine resources.  

*         Coordinate TNC's role in research projects through PARC and
research permits with USFWS.

*         Raise public funds for conservation programs at Palmyra in
coordination with Hawaii staff.

*         Represent Palmyra TNC-wide and ensure integration of Palmyra
program with Hawaii and TNC conservation objectives and priorities
including sharing best practices, measures of success, and conservation
planning.  Coordinate closely with TNC Hawai`i science, government
relations, and conservation programs staff.


4) Administration and program management:  

*         Oversee all budgets, finances, and contracts.

*         Coordinate donor trips with PARC and USFWS.

*         Purchase and arrange transport for supplies, equipment,
staffing and expertise as needed for TNC's operations on Palmyra.

*         Supervise and coordinate TNC's plane charters for TNC donor
and conservation trips.

*         Supervise staff, volunteers, and interns as appropriate.




Jan S. Eber

Director of Operations

The Nature Conservancy in Hawaii

923 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu, HI  96817

Work: 808.587.6269   jeber at tnc.org









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