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Aloha Julian and Listers:
As part of a wider NOAA-driven effort, the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program has spent the past two years developing a report that prioritizes coral reef research needs in the U.S. Pacific (including some affiliated states).  This effort included a great deal of input from a broad swath of people (federal/state/territorial agency staff, academics, municipal employees, laypeople, industry, and more).  In Hawaii, we augmented interviews and desk research with a quantitative survey that resulted in a completion rate in the several hundreds.
Our findings indicate diverse information needs, including those in the social and economic domains.  We are currently finalizing the report and it will be available for wide distribution soon.    
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Hi listers

If I were to put together a list of the most important research needs in
coral reef science and management, what should be on the list? What are the
most pressing or important areas that need to be looked at? In my ignorance,
some areas that stand out are: 

-          Resilience

-          Connectivity

-          Economics

-          Rehabilitation

-          Climate change/acidification.

But I am sure listers can improve greatly on this list. I would appreciate
your thoughts.

Thanks and regards,

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