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Julian, Arianna and all,
I'd like to see more work on the hydrology of the coral reef- the hows and whys of coastal protection, beach accretion and boundary layers. Acropora palmata shallows of the Caribbean must block waves very differently than a stone groyne, for example. There is plenty of info & modelling on the engineered stones, but little on the natural perforated coral structures. Unfortunately these coral systems have been essentially missing for 20+ years, largely predating the computers the models are built around. This speaks to connectivity, restoration/rehab, value and sea level rise.
Andrew Ross

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Dear Julian

I hope that when you talk about "connectivity" you are also referring to connectivity between different, interconnected habitats to achieve a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the fluxes of materials and energy flow. In this context, I would strongly suggest you to put in your list the study of coral reefs as a part of a system, including the adjacent watersheds, coastal systems, littoral fringe and the adjacent oceanic watermasses. 

Best regards, 
Arianna Bucci, PhD
Centre d'Estudis Avançats de Blanes (CSIC), Spain; Visiting Researche Fellow, University of Malaya, Malaysia  

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Hi listers

If I were to put together a list of the most important research needs in
coral reef science and management, what should be on the list? What are the
most pressing or important areas that need to be looked at? In my ignorance,
some areas that stand out are: 

-          Resilience

-          Connectivity

-          Economics

-          Rehabilitation

-          Climate change/acidification.

But I am sure listers can improve greatly on this list. I would appreciate
your thoughts.

Thanks and regards,

Julian Hyde

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