[Coral-List] videos on next Majuro reefs to be mined

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 04:16:29 EDT 2012

I just posted ten short videos filmed this past weekend along 500 meters of lagoon reef (due to be mined for the FAA RSA project) on my youtube channel (atolldino).
Youtube's brightness and shakiness corrections both helped and hurt the videos, sorry for the poor quality.  (I hope my Sony HD camcorder is repaired soon... this is from a housing-less Olympus camera).  This patch of rare blue Pocillopora was a surprise, as was a nice big school of young goatfish.  This is a magical reef, not deserving to be draglined!  Th (e other 9 videos show the very high (typically 100%) live coral cover, typical of the RMI, even in somewhat degraded Majuro lagoon.
References to a petition I have started can be found on the "free-for-all" site.
Dean Jacobson
College of the Marshall Islands


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