[Coral-List] Captain John Halas

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Wed Apr 4 17:04:32 EDT 2012

Seems like people who knew him are reminiscing about John Halas.  I first 
met John at the home of my wife's cousin in Key Largo in about 1981 on one 
of my visits to that part of the world.  On a subsequent visit, we met 
again, courtesy of the same cousin.  That time, John showed video of me 
dancing at the 5th ICRS in Tahiti -- it was the best lubricated ICRS ever. 
 I've seen him only a few times since, but remember his commitment to what 
he was accomplishing in the Keys.  I long ago forgave him for those 
videos.  Best of luck John.

Peter Sale

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