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I'm forwarding this for Rhona Barr because I accidentally deleted the one
in the queue.  Please respond to Rhona if you have further questions.

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Subject: Marine payments for environmental services

Dear Coral-listers

Marine Payment for environmental schemes (PES) have been gaining ground in
recent years with NGOs and private sector showing a growing interest. In
part due to the apparent success of terrestrial schemes and the perceived
equity these programs offer. However, the literature surrounding marine PES
remains very slim and few have attempted to address whether these schemes
are appropriate for marine environments and indeed what factors need to be
addressed to make them sustainable and indeed pro-poor.

It is for this reason myself and my colleagues here at London School of
Economics and Policy (LSE), London, hope to investigate some of these
issues. We have devised a questionnaire and hope to collate opinions from a
wide field of experts (i.e. marine scientists, marine socio-scientists,
economists etc..). A link to the questionnaire can be found below. We would
very much appreciate your input into this, particularly our background and
current pool is mainly economists who have limited experience of the marine
environment and the complex and confounding issues conservation schemes

The questionnaire is set out in two main sections, the first is an
open-ended question (in order to allow people to express their opinions),
the second a series of more focused closed questions. We understand that
people's time is limited and open-ended questions can often be off putting,
if this is the case please feel free to mark and 'X' into the questions on
this page and continue on to the closed questions. The closed questions
themselves are fairly quick and should only take 10 mins of your time.

Here is the link: http://marinepes.websperiment.org

We thank you in advance for any time you give us.
For any more info my email is below.

Kind regards,

 Rhona Barr

Department of Geography & Environment
London School of Economics & Political Science

r.f.barr at lse.ac.uk | +44 (0)7815815970

How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly ocean
- Arthur C. Clarke

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communications disclaimer: http://lse.ac.uk/emailDisclaimer

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