[Coral-List] lionfish researchers in Belize

Linda @ ECOMAR linda at ecomarbelize.org
Fri Apr 20 12:55:08 EDT 2012

Dear Friends:


We are in the final stages of preparing the "Belize Lionfish Response &
Management Plan" and would like to summarize ALL research activity that has
taken place in Belize with regards to LIONFISH.


As small as Belize is it is sometimes difficult to keep tabs on everyone
that comes here and so through this medium I would like to invite everyone
who has done research on lionfish in Belize to please forward reports or
papers to me at linda at ecomarbelize.org.  


Your details will be summarized in the plan and prior to publication we will
ask you to review the section with your information.


Please email me directly if you have any other questions and for more
details on the Belize Lionfish Project please begin here:

http://www.ecomarbelize.org/lionfish.html .


Best regards from Belize,


Linda Searle


PO Box 1234

Belize City, Belize

TEL: (501) 671-3483

email: linda at ecomarbelize.org


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