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Dear Andrew,

Both species Solenastraea broadcast, Helioseris cucullata is brooder.  Reference:

Riddle, Dana, 2008. Coral reproduction, Part Three. Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine, VII(IX): 5-40.

By the way, there are no reasons to use Leptoseris for cucullata, Helioseris is correct.

Hope this is of help.



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Dear Corallist

Does anyone have any information of the sexuality and/or mode of larval development on Helioseris cucullata (Ellis and Solander 1786) now known as Leptoseris cucullata?

or for the genus Solenastrea?

I am pretty sure these are the only two Caribbean genera for which there is currently no information on sex or mode so if anyone is looking for a good minor research project this could be it.



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