[Coral-List] Monitoring project at Fernando de Noronha - Brazil

Maite Ardies tebrasil06 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 14:31:40 EDT 2012

Aloha all of

Dive tourism is a major
recreational activity around the world - now I am focusing in Fernando de
Noronha - Brazil. 

 Recreational diving has caused concern for some researchers
due to the potential of physical damage to reefs. At the island, there is any
monitoring for the recreational diving activity. Be in here, work as a diver
and researcher is not easy, specially seeing all the negative effects to the
reefs and is time to do something about it!! 

The continued growth of
recreational diving is thus a threat to both ecological and economic sustainability for corals, because the island depends tremendously in such activities but at the same time dive instructors don´t have environment education. 

I wrote together with the
marine institute of biodiversity and conservation, about introducing monitoring
activities with urgent action to reduce such impacts that are associate  with the recreational diving. 


Please, any advices about
funding organizations, and ideas of how to procede? 

Thanks very much, bests 


Maite Ardies 
+5511 91198354 
B.A Marine Science and Anthropology - University of Hawaii at Hilo 
Scientific Diver - CMAS 
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