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Emma Hodgson emma.e.hodgson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 18:20:06 EDT 2012


I would like to send out an email to the Coral List listserve, and I was
told that this is the address to send submissions to. I am pasting below
the content of the email that I would like sent out, so if you can add it I
would greatly appreciate it. I have attached a paper here that ideally can
be sent out as well.

All the best,
Emma Hodgson

 Nick Dulvy, John Reynolds and Emma Hodgson (research assistant) are
updating the Dulvy et al. 2003 paper published in Fish and Fisheries,
vulnerability in marine populations* (attached).  Part of the goal of this
work is to provide the world's first comprehensive list of marine
extinctions at the local, regional or global scale, both in a paper and

As part of the process, they are contacting experts in the field to inquire
about information on either species listed in the 2003 paper, or on new

Specifically they are looking for the following information for this
evidence-based compilation:

1. Species which have gone extinct

2. Date last seen

3. Method of search eg. trawl surveys from date x-y, personal
communications, etc.

4. Scale of extinction (i.e. *local*: the disappearance of a population
from a small area of habitat, such as the mollusc extinction from a bay in
California, *regional*: disappearance from a substantial part of an ocean
basin or former range, such as the Caribbean, or *global*: complete
extinction, within reasonable doubt.  Where there is doubt, we would still
like to know.)

Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. The
ultimate goal is to have a living database that will be publicly accessible
with full acknowledgements to everyone who has contributed to it.

If you have information that you would like to contribute – please contact
Emma Hodgson at: ehodgson at sfu.ca

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