[Coral-List] Fish ID

Mark Tupper mtupper at coastal-resources.org
Thu Apr 26 12:34:46 EDT 2012

   Hi Alice,

   I'm pretty sure that is the early juvenile stage of Alectis ciliaris, the
   African  pompano, which is a Carangid (jack/trevally family). The long
   filaments are thought to mimic the stinging tentacles of a jellyfish, giving
   the juvenile pompano some protection from predation. I've never seen one
   that young before. The markings on the fin filaments are really striking.



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   On Thu Apr 26 9:55 , Alice Grainger sent:
     Dear All,
     This fish was recently spotted off Nusa Penida by the Aquatic Alliance
     So far no one has been able to ID it, though many suspect it is a juvenile
     of some description.
     Any help in identifying this remarkable fish would be gratefully received.
     Many thanks!
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