[Coral-List] Losing a World Heritage site

Chris Bone, OceansWatch chris at oceanswatch.org
Thu Apr 26 14:51:00 EDT 2012

I am also concerned about a World Heritage site, at Rennell Island, Solomon 
Islands, which is threatened by logging.

Obviously this will produce sediment that will effect a recently established 
MPA there.

I was shocked at the complacency of the World Heritage organisation who seem 
content to sit on their hands and watch this happen.

After some ignored emails I eventually got through to the responsible 
officer. I stressed the urgency of the matter, I.E. the logging machinery is 
already on the Island and working nearby, applications have gone in to 
government and so on but the best they could do was have a meeting in June 
by which time it could be too late.


Chris Bone


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