[Coral-List] posting coral spawning observations

Nicole Fogarty nf121 at nova.edu
Thu Aug 30 21:43:03 EDT 2012

Hello all,
In the spirit of Jeremy Jackson’s plenary talk at ICRS that urged researchers to
use standardized research methods, I encourage those of you who will be
monitoring coral spawning throughout the Caribbean to fill out the information
below and post on coral-list.  This will be extremely helpful to future spawning
research efforts.  In addition, last year we used social media to have informal
discussions and post observations in “real time.”  If you would like to join the
group, search for “Coral Spawning Research” on Facebook.  I will summarize all
spawning observations posted on the Facebook group and post them on coral-list
after the September spawning.  Thank you for your corporation and best of luck 
with your spawning research.

Date of spawning observation:
Sunset time:
Monitoring start time:
Monitoring end time:
All species monitored:
Approx. monitoring area:
Species that spawned:
Time Set:
Time Spawn:
Approx.  % of monitored corals that spawned:
Environmental date (i.e., conditions, tide, moon rise time):

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