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Tue Dec 4 18:53:03 EST 2012

Dear all,


We are glad to inform you that in the interest of dissemination of data
products to fisheries management agencies, the fishing community and the
general public, the Multispecies Research Group of The Virginia Marine
Institute of Marine Science is now providing online access to catch data via
an interactive mapping application, Fishery Analyst Online
<http://www.mappamondogis.it/fisheryanalystonline.htm>  (FAO).


The web GIS application allows querying the catch data based on species,
date, individual length, sex, maturity stage, disease and displaying
information about the number of individual caught or the total biomass.
Point data can be aggregated in grids of a user defined size. Charts
displaying catch by state, research cruise, month and length-frequency
histograms are also generated. 


Currently available data are being collected under the Chesapeake Bay
Multispecies Monitoring and Assessment Program, ChesMMAP, started in 2002
and the NorthEast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program,  NEAMAP, started
in 2006.


These programs were developed to assist in filling data gaps, and ultimately
to support stock-assessment modeling activities at both single and
multispecies scales, maximize the biological and ecological information
collected for several recreationally, commercially, and ecologically
important species and to quantify geographic and seasonal distribution of
these species.


To access the web GIS application visit the VIMS website
<http://www.vims.edu/fisheries/fao> : www.vims.edu/fisheries/fao

Kind regards

VIMS and Mappamondo GIS teams

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