[Coral-List] NOAA Finds 66 Corals Warrant Listing under the US Endangered Species Act

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 6 09:16:56 EST 2012

   Dear Gene,

   ·         The first step in effectively dealing with any problem is to
   acknowledge that it exists. (i.e. Listing).

   ·         Although somewhat subjective, I would argue that the value and
   import of these corals justifies the âtax-supported expenseâ.

   ·         In a more perfect world another layer of government bureaucracy
   would not be necessary,  but there appears to be nothing beyond regulation
   that will convince the private sector to address the issue.

   Could it be that in addition to your aversion to government intervention and
   concerns regarding the fiscal cliff, you are distressed by the fact that the
   three  major  threats  identified  (rising  ocean  temperatures, ocean
   acidification, and disease) are linked to greenhouse gas emissions and a
   changing climate?

   If so, keep in mind that NOAAâs proposal points out that âdespite the broad
   global threats to corals, there is evidence that alleviating more local
   stressors can help improve resiliency for many coral speciesâ.  Let's hope
   they're right, but be thinking of more comprehensive strategies in case
   ocean temperature increases and acidification prove predominant.



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