[Coral-List] Impact of listing 66 coral species on coral research

Eli Meyer eli.meyer at science.oregonstate.edu
Thu Dec 6 14:20:02 EST 2012

Hi colleagues,

Not to distract from the interesting discussion about the conservation
value of this listing, but I'm curious about the impact of listing these 66
species as threatened or endangered on coral research. Forgive the naive
question, but I haven't worked on any other species during such a
transition from not-listed to listed.

I must confess, I had a sinking feeling when I spotted M. faveolata on this
list, since this has become an attractive research model with lots of
molecular resources emerging. I had high hopes for future work on this
species, and now I wonder if I should be reconsidering. Will this listing
make it more difficult to get collection permits? To transport live corals?
To import samples from outside the US?

Perhaps someone working on Caribbean Acroporids, or with a good general
understanding of threatened listings and research permits, can clarify the
likely impacts of this listing on research prospects. Thanks for any info!

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