[Coral-List] Listing Criteria Observation

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   Dear Gene,
   The role of Parrotfish in a coral reef ecosystem is indeed complex.
   I have often seen and heard them munching away on the reef all the while
   marveling at their beauty.
   Here NOAA's coral reef information system lists them among natural threats
   to coral reefs:
   But here is a more comprehensive look at the role that Parrotfish play:
   Will we one day be spearing them to protect the reefs?
   Why is it that somehow I assume we'll conclude differently?

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   >Steve, I know Parrot fish are a delicacy in the Pacific. They are
   >protected in the Fla Keys and at anytime of day you can watch them
   >biting chunks out of live coral especially Montastrea sp. Once they
   >are listed we might want to consider spearing them to protect the
   >coral from" harm." Since it was discovered that the listed Spotted
   >Owl in old Growth Forests is declining due to predation by Barred
   >Owls the Fish and Wild Life Service is shooting the Barred Owls. If
   >it works for Spotted Owls maybe it will work for corals...Outrageous
   >eh? Well who knows what the future will bring in the world of
   >government regulations and unintended consequences. Gene
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