[Coral-List] Seeking a new non-profit umbrella

david arnold northwester at comcast.net
Thu Dec 20 07:52:24 EST 2012

Dear listers, I am a one-photographer operation who, using spectacular  
glacier benchmarks, created a comparison environmental change exhibit  
(i took the "now" pictures). It toured the country non-stop for four  
years. I am developing a similar non-profit exhibit about the demise  
of coral reefs (see www.doublexposure.net). For reasons that remain  
unclear, a local 501(c)3 community foundation located far from the  
coral universe, allowed me under their umbrella. They are now having  
second thoughts - and have upped their take to 10 percent of my  
donations. I would love suggestions for other doors to knock on. Feel  
free to reply to northwester at comcast.net
David Arnold, Boston

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