[Coral-List] New report says Coral Reefs Could be Decimated by 2100

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 21 14:29:00 EST 2012

   Dear Doug,
   You know how I feel about this.
   As we approach the end of yet another year of nonintervention in response to
   these all too common revelations, what can we do to change the paradigm?  At
   least in this country, efforts aimed at dealing with climate change remain
   politically untenable. Perhaps dare I say, on par with sacrilegious efforts
   at restraining the second amendment. And that's with the aftermath of Sandy
   and Sandy Hook staring us in the face.
   Recently I've been involved in efforts at getting the leaders of the scuba
   diving industry to publicly recognize that climate change is real and a
   threat to coral reefs as indicated by the recent consensus statement issued
   by the ICRS.  But to no avail, the topic is viewed as a non-starter.  So if
   an entire industry that to some extent relies on coral reefs for their
   economic viability can't bring themselves to  recognize the realities of the
   issue,  how  can  we expect others not so intimately involved to react
   Of course your article is pointing almost a century down the road. Maybe I'm
   showing my age because somehow it appears to me to be right around the
   Cheers indeed,

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