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     Again, your concerns are candid and well-defined, but regardless of how
     this plays out you will not be the only one affected. If it were my
     business, I would want to get ahead of the curve and prepare accordingly.
     It doesnât seem logical that captive coral propagation programs would be
     unconditionally forced out of business as there are still a number of
     other  species  to  turn  to  that  are  not  being  considered for
     listing. Although I take Michael Tlustyâs perspective to heart, Alina has
     made  it  clear  that  coral  mariculture  is  generally considered
     beneficial.  I imagine that coal mining operators have greater concerns
     when  strategies to reduce CO2 emissions are considered since their
     acclaimed clean coal technologies have yet to be proven viable.

     Since  the  NOAA Fisheries Service Southeast Regional Office (SERO)
     Protected Resources Division is the agency developing the rules and all
     subsequent management actions for already threatened elkhorn and staghorn
     corals why not contact Jennifer Moore for her input ([1]jennifer.moore at
     noaa.gov ).  She has been very openly involved in this discussion and
     would likely be very helpful in providing the specific information you



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   I just went over the list of proposed species and I currently house and
   aquaculture 28 of them. I can see how if we ban the importation of these
   animals the cost of them will sky rocket unless the gov. gets ideas to
   confiscate them. I am fairly nervous about my business and what the final
   outcome of this will be. I am able keep these animals alive with little
   effort yet the ocean is killing them and we should leave them there? It
   doesn't make sense.
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