[Coral-List] updated coral transcriptome assemblies

mikhail matz matz at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Feb 6 19:26:35 EST 2012

Dear colleagues - 

Just a quick note for those who uses our transcriptome data: we have updated our assemblies (to version jan2012) for Porites astreoides, Acropora hyacinthus, and Acropora millepora. The update is not as dramatic as to make you redo your analysis if it is done already, but in case you did not start yet, please consider using newer data:


Compared to the previous version, the A.millepora assembly was extended by ~11,000 publicly available ESTs and 454 data from several populations of adults shared by Petra Souter (p.lundgren at aims.gov.au - thanks, Petra!!!) - which actually means that now the data most likely contains some number of Symbiodinium sequences. If you would rather use the "clean" coral larvae data, the old assembly is also available at the same URL. 
P.astreoides assembly was extended by adding ESTs from SymBioSys database. 
A.hyacinthus is old data reassembled by Newbler 2.6 with an option -urt (“use read tips”), which seems to help when the coverage is low (all the Jan2012 assemblies are done with this option).

best wishes,

Eli Meyer
Mikhail Matz

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