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I knew when I let this post go through that Bill had not made a
connection of relevance to coral reefs, and that it would be
controversial and probably stir the wider climate change argument up
again, but for some perverse reason, I've let it go through.  However,
I'm not going to let a whole bunch of posts circulate on this, OK? 
Let's be sure to try to bring it on home to CORALS and let the more
tangential stuff go to the Yahoo coralreef-free-forall at:




On 2/7/12 2:34 PM, Bill Raymond wrote:
> Gene Shinn made a good point. Global temperature peaked in 1998, yet CO2 levels continued to rise over the past 11 years. Solar cycles correlate better to global temperaturer than CO2 levels. Yet, the IPCC claims solar forcing contributed +0.12 W/m2 since 1750 compared to +1.6 W/m2 from anthropogenic warming. They apparently chose to use a parameter of solar irradiance that has not changed significantly. Do they really expect us to believe the sun's influence is only 7 1/2 % of the human contribution? Will they also deny the recent increase in solar flare activity?
> First convince the world of AGW, then demand $10 trillion to fix it. Is the UN pro-America?
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