[Coral-List] Ocean acidification bandwagon

Chris Langdon clangdon at rsmas.miami.edu
Tue Feb 14 09:06:07 EST 2012

As a long time OA researcher I would like to throw in my two cents.  First, and very important OA is starting to bring new dollars into the study of coral reef ecosystems.  It is bringing in new scientists that are looking at old questions with fresh eyes and new tool sets.  It is also fostering collaborations with experienced coral reef researchers and encouraging biological, chemical, geological and physical oceanographers to work together.  It is reinvigorating studies of the biogeochemistry of reef ecosystems including dissolution, bioerosion and cementation.  While OA studies started out narrowly focused on the process of calcification it is now broadening to include studies of the interactions of temperature and CO2 on photophysiology and bleaching, coral-algal interactions, coral heterotrophy and nutrition, larval metabolism, settlement cues and even sensory systems in fish.  I would argue that OA is revitalizing coral reef science and should not be viewed as a threat.

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