[Coral-List] Ocean acidification denial moneywagon

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My impression is that the vast majority of coral reef research has been done without any agenda, other than the desire to be the first to discover something important.  The statement that we can't study coral reefs without an agenda is clearly false.  Some is clearly done with conservation of coral reefs in mind.  But then the data showing reefs going down the tube are pretty unequivocal by now, and an agenda to try to save reefs is not a bad thing in my view.  Too bad so many people get their "science" reading political websites with climate change denial agendas, financed by the fossil fuel industry.   Doug

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I suppose Chris is right when he says. "First, and very important OA 
is starting to bring new dollars into the study of coral reef 
ecosystems."  Too bad we can't study coral reefs without an agenda. 

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