[Coral-List] Is ethanol production detrimental to coral reefs?

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Is ethanol production detrimental to coral reefs?  


I searched the my coral list e-mails back to 2008 and could not find a
discussion about ethanol and coral reefs.


Generally, IMHO, it seems that producing ethanol is very counter-productive
and not worth it.    


There are claims that ethanol produces a lot less greenhouse gases, that
would be great if a lot of hydrocarbon fuels were not consumed to produce
the ethanol.  So, there is a net increase the carbon foot print.  In
addition, it takes a gallon and a half of ethanol equal 1 gallon of


I don't see how producing billions of gallons of ethanol worldwide lowers
worlds' carbon foot print.  I think everyone would agree that lowering our
carbon foot print would be better for coral reefs.  


Then in the agricultural process of growing corn to produce ethanol there
are all kinds of negative effects including increasing the cost of food.
Heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides eventually run off into rivers and
streams and find a way into the ocean causing negative effects to our coral


Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" caused by ethanol production Learn more:


Dead zone in gulf linked to ethanol production

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Ethanol Myths



It seem the best alternative is natural gas, which is a 8 times cheaper than
gasoline now and is a cleaner fuel!


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