[Coral-List] NOAA Fisheries releases the Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program Report to Congress

Tom Hourigan tom.hourigan at noaa.gov
Tue Feb 28 09:40:11 EST 2012

Dear Coral List,

NOAA Fisheries announces the release of the *2012 Deep Sea Coral Research
and Technology Program Report to Congress: *


This report highlights the exciting discovery of deep-sea coral habitats as
well as progress made in our nationwide research.

* *

Featured in the report is an overview of the program’s first three-year
field study, focused on the Southeast U.S., which revealed new and
currently unprotected deep-sea coral communities off the eastern and
southern coasts of Florida. These fragile habitats are home to a wide
variety of species, many of which are commercially important. NOAA’s
deep-water coral investigations have been instrumental in providing data
and documentation on the distribution and ecological significance of these

In addition to the discoveries off the southeastern U.S., scientists are
exploring deep-sea coral and sponge habitats off the West Coast,
documenting their importance for fish, and providing key information to
fishery and National Marine Sanctuary managers.

The report is complemented by descriptions all the program’s activities on
our website:


NOAA’s *Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program *provides scientific
information needed to conserve and manage deep-sea coral habitats. We are
committed to increasing the scientific understanding of these rich and
valuable communities and making it available to ocean resource managers to
inform conservation actions.  The Program’s work is made possible through
partnerships with other federal agencies, academic scientists and
non-governmental organizations.  I thank the many of you who have
participated in making this a successful Program.

Tom Hourigan

Chief Scientist,

Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program

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