[Coral-List] Growing Database of Links for NGos

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Nice initiative, but there are some half a dozen other NGO portals, i.e. the now defunct environlink.org, wiserearth.org.

Our organization is building marine NGO portals as well, and we recommend you use for now a focus on particular user groups.

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Subject: [Coral-List] Growing Database of Links for NGos
Hello Coral Listers,
I have been putting together a database of links for the NGO (conservation
and sustainable development) community. It is raw, easy to load for people
in far-flung places, and growing. This is version 1.0 but I hope it may be
useful to you and increasingly so as it develops.
You can find lists of good links to jobs, networks, forums, technologies.
funding agencies etc.
Knock yourselves out!


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