[Coral-List] Job Opportunity: American Samoa's Coral Reef Initiative / CRAG Coordinator

Hideyo Hattori hideyo.hattori at doc.as
Wed Jan 4 18:20:56 EST 2012


The American Samoan Government is soliciting candidates for the Coral Reef
Initiative (CRI) Coordinator for the Governor’s Coral Reef Advisory Group
(CRAG). This position is currently administered through the American Samoa
Department of Commerce and the employee will report to CRAG, with the
Chairperson of CRAG as the direct supervisor.

*General Description*

CRAG was established to coordinate specific activities of five agencies in
American Samoa; the American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife
Resources, the American Samoa Department of Commerce, the National Park of
American Samoa, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, and the
Community College of American Samoa. The purpose of this coordination is to
protect and preserve coral reef ecosystems, while attempting to balance and
satisfy development needs of the people and fa’asamoa (Samoan way of life).
CRAG works closely with regional and national partners on coral reef
conservation issues, most notably with the National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Conservation Program (NOAA CRCP),
the US Department of Interior (DOI), members of the US Coral Reef Task
Force, and the Two Samoas Environmental Collaboration.

The CRI Coordinator is responsible for actively managing grants awarded by
NOAA CRCP, DOI, DOC, and others as they are secured. The CRI Coordinator is
responsible for project management of CRAG’s projects, coordinating
reporting on projects and grants, planning and implementing training
programs and workshops, securing and managing grant funding, supervising
CRAG staff members and interns, assisting and overseeing the education and
outreach programs for CRAG, coordinating and facilitating meetings and
initiatives among the 5 CRAG agencies and the four Local Action Strategies,
and acting as a liaison between local and federal partners. The CRI
Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that projects are properly
implemented, reports are completed, information requests are responded to,
and high quality document production is completed.

*Duties and Responsibilities*

The duties and responsibilities of this position are to:

   - Oversee the implementation and administration of CRI projects,
   including advising project managers on CRI grant management, providing
   support and assistance to researchers, coordinating workshops and training
   sessions, and managing projects.
   - Coordinate implementation of Local Action Strategies (LAS) relative to
   Land-based Sources of Pollution, Fisheries Management, Climate Change, and
   Population Pressure.
   - Organize and facilitate periodic CRAG meetings.
   - Guide and facilitate the assessment and development of the LAS.
   - Work closely with LAS Working Group leaders to assist with LAS
   development and planning
   - Review and provide comments on environmental policies, management
   plans, various types of environmental documents, and obtain consensus on
   recommendations from CRAG agencies.
   - Assist the CRAG Chair in responding to requests for American Samoa.
   - Supervise four CRAG staff members (MPA Network Coordinator, NOAA Coral
   Reef Management Fellow, Climate Change Specialist, and Education/Outreach
   Coordinator) as well as interns.
   - Seek project proposals and produce the annual grant applications.
   - Oversee the development of the American Samoa Marine Protected Area


This position requires an individual with a minimum of a Master’s Degree
with an emphasis on coastal/marine management, natural resource management,
environmental policy, marine science, or a related discipline. It is
preferred that the individual’s background includes tropical ecosystems,
particularly coral reefs. The Coordinator role is predominately a
management position. Candidates must be well organized, possess
facilitation skills, and have excellent written and oral communication
skills in English. Desired qualifications include the following:

   - Experience communicating with multiple and diverse stakeholders
   including the general public, local, regional, and federal government
   agencies, private partner organizations, NGOs, Pacific Island Nations, and
   the media.
   - Track record of successful public and/or private grant writing and
   - Experience supervising the work of others; ability to motivate people,
   delegate responsibilities effectively, and secure high quality results in a
   team setting that includes managers, scientists, students, education staff,
   and interns.
   - A strong understanding of conservation, marine governance frameworks,
   environment and/or biodiversity issues as they relate to coral reefs (esp.
   land-based sources of pollution, population pressures, fisheries
   management, and climate change).
   - Proven expertise in project planning, project management, and
   - Experience in solving problems on the spot, apply conflict resolution,
   and negotiation techniques to get results.
   - Ability to self-manage, adjust according to competing priorities, and
   allocate time as necessary to complete tasks.
   - Knowledge of Marine Protected Area planning and implementation.
   - Experience with review, comment on and/or development of marine public
   - Ability to work as part of a team and with a diverse group of
   - Willingness to live and work on a small, remote, and isolated island
   in the South Pacific.


All nationalities are eligible to apply.


Annual salary (enquire within), plus subsidized housing and medical costs,
and relocation expenses (airfare from contiguous US and shipment of
personal effects). Two-year contract, renewable by mutual consent and
subject to continued funding.

*To apply*

Send a cover letter and resume/CV to hideyo.hattori at doc.as by January 27,
2012.  Only those shortlisted will be contacted.


Annual salary (inquire within), plus subsidized housing and medical costs,
and relocation expenses (airfare from contiguous US and shipment of
personal effects).  Two-year contract, renewable by mutual consent and
subject to continued funding.

Hideyo Christian Hattori
Coral Reef Initiative Coordinator
Coral Reef Advisory Group
Department of Commerce
Executive Office Building, 2nd Floor
Utulei, American Samoa 96799
Phone: (684) 633-3118
Fax: (684) 633-4195

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