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Thanks, John, for the instructive post.   

Again, permit to remind the negligence of the Caribbean Acropora prolifera.  During this bad for the scleractinian corals time this hybrid can be more fit than its both parents, can occupy new niches and to have a 
bioconstructive role.  Why it is ignored by the conservation legislation?  Our knowledge evolved, years are passing, but still there is not adequate reaction to save Acropora..  We are losing precious time to include hybrids of scleractinians in the conservation policy and re-evaluate species vs. ecosystem 
conservation approaches. 



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Subject: [Coral-List] fact-checking the climate-change-hybrid-sharks media meme
Grad student David Shiffman has a nice post at SFS explaining and fact-checking the recent manuscript and media coverage of australian hybrid sharks here: http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=12398

Note, if you think media fact-checking = "nitpicking" don't bother reading the post.

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