[Coral-List] Don't be such a scientist

Stephen Ban stephenban at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 11 19:22:02 EST 2012


Can you expand on why you think the climate/weather analogy is flawed in the
case of ocean acidification?

To wit, the diurnal temperature range for most locations (at least in a
terrestrial system) is going to be at least an order of magnitude larger (if
not two) than the decadal change in (global) temperature. Clearly, organisms
are able to deal with these large temperature changes, so does that imply
that we have nothing to worry about because temperatures are climbing at
"only" 0.1C per decade?

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> >Steve,
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> >Argument #2 in the link you gave is invalid and the similitude with
> >/ weather is flawed. At any rate the planet is facing serious problems
> >IMHO it is very irresponsible to cry wolf over something that is so
> >self-serving as this for the scientists involved.
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> >Respectfully,
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> >Ulf Erlingsson

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