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The technical word is appropriate but those opposed will identify that the word acid is loaded like the word kill but both (A&K) may be correct
Remember the impact of "Acid Rain" or was it "Purple Rain", and remember long ago "Acid" (=LSD) 
I watch the "Global Warming" vs "climate change" which has the same loadings Acidification vs Reducing pH and Killing vs Adversely Affecting
I also watch the "Fracking" vs "Unconventional Gas and Oil"
Use acidification it is Correct but also Loaded, and explain as needed lower pH

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  Doug Fenner wrote (Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:44:41 -0800 (PST):

  'As far as I can tell, the term "acidification" means that the pH is going
  down, not that the water is "acid."'

  I have been using 'acidification' in this context for decades in association
  with the titration of seawater samples with HCl to measure alkalinity. I add
  HCl to the water and the pH goes down, and if I add enough acid the pH falls
  below 7.0 (I titrate to pH 4.0; I would also note here that the neutral pH
  of pure water varies inversely with temperature, being 7.0 only at 25 C). I
  suspect I adopted this use from a chemistry book, or methods paper, or from
  talking with a chemist. I never encountered any opposition to my use of
  acidification until 'ocean acidification' came along and skeptics started
  arguing that it is an incorrect and misleading use of 'acidification,'
  apparently in an attempt to deny that ocean surface pH (and alkalinity) is
  decreasing measurably.

  Chuck Booth
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