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Anthony Larkum alark at mail.usyd.edu.au
Fri Jan 13 20:17:02 EST 2012

I am sure the coral reef community will be saddened to hear of the 
death of Dr Patricia Mather, AO, Ph. D. D. Sc. last week.

Pat Mather was a tireless worker for coral reef research.  At her 
death she was still an Honorary Curator of Ascidians at the 
Queensland Museum, where she had been a Senior Curator for many years 
up to 1990. In her official capacity she published world renowned 
publications on ascidians, under her maiden name of Patricia Kott.
Pat became Honorary Secretary of the Great Barrier Reef Committee in 
1967 and oversaw the early development of the Heron Island Research 
Station and many important developments on the Great Barrier Reef, 
including the Crown of Thorns Commission, many other Commissions and 
the development of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. In 
addition, Pat was the major organiser of the Second International 
Coral Reef Symposium.
Pat was also the author, with Isabel Bennett, of "A Coral Reef 
Handbook"(1978, 1984), which was published by the Australian Coral 
Reef Society and is still used as a general reference for marine 
organisms of the GBR.

She will be much missed by many friends around the world.
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